Whether you’re “Type A,” always rushing around and organized within an inch of your life, or you consider yourself “totally laid back” – trust me, you have stress.

Stress is tension or pressure in any form. So, Ms. Chill, if you’re a procrastinator…or always running just 5 minutes late…newsflash: you’ve got stress.

If you feel the pressure of time, money or other people’s demands on you…If you feel tension with your co-workers, tension with your spouse or your kids…Yep, you’ve got stress.

Trust me. I had no idea how much stress I had till I had my bloodwork done one day. Read more about that here.

I firmly believe that stress is at the core of any obstacle between you and what you want in life. Want to bust yours? Stick around here. Check out the free resources. Find a master coach who knows just how to move your life forward. You’re in the right place.


  • Feel like there’s a spark missing in your life but you can’t put your finger on why?
  • In a dating or marriage or work rut?
  • Can’t seem to follow through on promises to yourself?
  • Feel like you’re destined for something big, but keep watching the years tick by without that big thing happening?
  • Accomplished your huge goals and have that nagging “I did it, now what” emptiness?
  • Want to push your life to the next level – but first, figure out what that level looks like?

An expert coach can help you solve and accomplish all these things. They’ll guide you toward everything you want – even when you think you don’t know what that is.

I’m not here to knock psychotherapy, but I’ve seen coaching move mountains for people who spent years on the shrink’s couch and never saw results.

All the top-athletes, and producers have a coach. Even presidents, work with a coach. We only know what we know, so why not learn from someone who can see what you can’t?

One caveat: you have to be willing to do the work, and discover the truth. I heard a quote once, “coaches are here to tell us the things we don’t want to hear, and show us the things we don’t want to see, so we can become the person we’re meant to be.”

The New You team of coaches are the best in the business, and we love what we do. If there’s something you want, and you’re ready for it, we know we can help you!

Interest piqued? Click here to learn more about life coaching and read some enlightening FAQ’s.
 And if you’re not quite ready yet, no sweat, just check out the life changers section for some great free stress-busting guidance and exclusive interviews.

Look forward to answering any questions and hope we can work together.

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