Health and Holidays, can these go together?

Ever put anything processed in your body? If yes, check this video out!

I know it’s the holidays and it’s easy to cook your old favorites or be out and enjoy some foods you normally wouldn’t eat. For some reason there are lots of processed foods considered a part of our holiday celebration.

I am always amazed by this video and by the fact that this twinkie cannot catch fire. Makes me wonder how on earth we could possibly even begin to digest such an item. While you may not be eating twinkies this week cookies, baked goods and all the other “foods” are just as harmful. I’m not trying to be a downer and I definitely don’t want to take away any enjoyment. So if something means something to you or reminds you of your childhood and you want it, go ahead and enjoy it. And remember there are also lots of alternatives and reminders you can use as well. I was happy to find a coconut milk nog substitute the other day and no one even knew it was an alternative.

Someone asked me if my days are different during the holiday season and the answer is no. I know things can get hectic and tempting, and I still start my day with a green juice, have an avocado and have healthy options at home. I remind myself that I want to have energy and feel good after the meal as well.

Here’s a question I ask myself: Is this natural, can my body process it?

If no, while it may be tempting in the moment I know the after-effects are never worth it!

An incantation I enjoy saying is Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels!

Feel free to share your favorite incantations below!




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