Ever Have a Challenge in a Relationship?

Yes, it’s true, love can be complicated… or maybe not love itself, but communication sure can be when we are not coming from an open place of love. Something I’ve learned that has been very useful for me is that there are two responses one can have when communicating. I am grateful to a good friend for reminding me of this tonight.

A response is either a loving response, or it is a cry for help. A cry for help may look like anger, questioning, or passive aggressive behavior. It is usually out of fear and a desire for some certainty and reassurance. When we receive a cry for help, it is easy to be frustrated and play a game. We may also want to respond in the same way, but deep down, we really just want to give love and receive a loving response. So, it’s up to you… do you want to go first and offer love? For me, I’ve found that it is useful to really think about what my outcome is. Here are some questions that help me:

1. How do I want to communicate and move forward?
2. How do I want to feel?
3. What do I really want, and what is really important to me in life?
4. What would it look like to just be loving right now?

So today I encourage you to take a look at how do you respond to those you love and initiate conversation with? Are you loving? Are you proud of your communication? If not, you are not being the person you need to be in order to have everything you deserve and desire. And that can change in an instant by just remembering who you are and what’s important to you.



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