The Present

After a great dinner tonight and hearing a few wonderful sayings, I wanted to write and pass them along. I had the privilege of spending time with Tom Crum. Tom is the best-selling author of The Magic of Conflict, an Aikido Master and a professional skier. He is a wonderful man who has been involved in teaching and the personal growth field for over 30 years. We were discussing synchronicities we have had in our life. He shared a story of a chance meeting he had with one of his mentors, Buckminster Fuller. One of the sayings Bucky had was: “We did not create this universe, and we do not control it”. This line really resonated with me and struck me as such a great reminder.

It also made me think of Anandagiri, and his saying: “Suffering is not in the fact, it is in the perception of the fact.” There is always another viewpoint available to us–one that does not lead to suffering.

Since we can’t control our life experiences, being stuck in the mind makes it impossible to be present. Searching for answers, thinking about the future, or analyzing the past all lead to the same place–not fully enjoying or experiencing the now. I remember being at dinner with Anandagiri and a friend asked, “What is the meaning of life?” After taking a minute to himself, he simply replied: “This.”

When we let go, stay open and allow for whatever is going to happen anyway we can then be present and enjoy ourselves. If something isn’t going as planned and you start to feel yourself tense up just remember you can’t control the outcome, so just laugh and let go. This process allows you to experience joy and be truly present.

I am definitely preparing myself tonight for an experience in being present as we are going bobsledding here in Whistler on the Olympic track tomorrow. I was quite nervous until reading these sayings I shared here. Now, I know it will be a great experience, and the intention I am setting of just wanting to have fun is the only thing I can ensure will happen regardless of the circumstances.

I hope you, too will enjoy your day.

“Everyday is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.” :)



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  1. meghan says:

    LOve “This!” please post sledding photos too!

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