Morning with Michael

This morning I had the privilege of sitting down with a spiritual teacher. He said some very simple, yet very profound things to me that allowed me to access the higher part of myself. The part of myself that often shuts down out of fear and wanting to feel love and connection. The difference is undeniable. One feels true and powerful, and one feels confused. My mind wants to figure things out, and my soul just trusts, loves and knows the answer.

I have heard often and have believed that having expectations are good for you. Setting a standard of what you want in your life is necessary. And while having a vision for what you want is valuable, I saw this morning how these desires are really fear based. Let me explain. Having an attachment or desire for someone or something or wanting for anything is really out of fear. I want a relationship, more money, a job versus I see that which I desire. Wanting for something has an energy that keeps you in wanting and doesn’t allow you to actually have it. Allowing yourself to come from a place of love, from a place of seeing yourself as a powerful manifestor, a master with unlimited possibilities opens up new energies and different experiences. Our higher self doesn’t need to judge anyone….most importantly ourselves.

We do not need to set a standard when living as our highest self, because out of loving ourselves, we choose experiences that are in alignment with that part and will naturally connect with others living at that level. The experiences that are resonant with our higher self will inherently be different than those when we are in a place of fear or judging one’s behavior.

I love the saying “holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Buddha

So, who are you? I invite you to be with this question and see the shift in the answer from different parts of yourself.

Remember…you are powerful, loved and can have any experience you think about it. What you think about and put your attention on becomes reality.

Where is your focus?



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