Time to Clean House?

Feeling supported is a sentiment we all strive for and hope to have in our lives. Whether it comes from a friend, a lover, our family reassuring us, or even from within ourselves, we are seeking approval on some level and one of the deepest pains we can experience is feeling that we aren’t good enough. It’s amazing what people will do to feel important – cheat, lie, act out – when they feel like they have no real support system on their side.

Over the past few days I’ve been clearing out my apartment. While I’ve been getting rid of old clothes, papers and things that don’t serve me anymore, I realized that so much of my mental energy was unfocused and attached to certain outcomes I had outside of myself. Intellectually, I know that the only thing we really have control of is our internal world, but that can be easy to forget when we get caught up in our day-to-day responsibilities.

As I cleaned out and released all of this old energy, I felt not only the physical space around me clear, but the space in my head as well. There was an overwhelming relief, a sense of focus and a feeling of joy that I have been experiencing ever since. I wish I could explain specifically what was going on so I could share this radical shift in my emotions with you, but put simply, I gave myself support. I became grounded and freed up the space in my mind and outer world. When I noticed my energy was low, my mind was clouded and I was having a hard time focusing, I said to myself, ‘If I was organized, I could feel so much clearer.’ And from there, a project was born.

With this simple action, I saw benefits in other areas of my life as well. From taking care of myself with even more excitement, to a sense of peace during my workouts and shifting to a mental focus of what I really want to create, this space clearing was a very needed action.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired or bored, I encourage you to ask yourself:

  • Where is your mental focus?
  • What are you focused on that is draining your energy?
  • What do you need to clean out? (Your space, a relationship, a misunderstanding with a friend)
  • What is something you can do right now to support yourself?

Get writing, sit in gratitude of all that you have or share your experience with a friend.

I’ve been doing all of the above plus some other empowering rituals to take care of myself like drinking more water, taking deep breaths, engaging with people I care about and really enjoying the rewards.

Love to hear about your success below!


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