Are You A Warrior?

What I hear I forget
What I see I remember
What I do I understand
-Chinese Proverb

We hear things all the time. Advice, information, statistics; we are bombarded with media messages, our own inner thoughts and so much more. There is never a shortage of information or something that is trying to occupy space in our brain. There is, however, a shortage sometimes of doing what’s necessary for our greater good. Especially with all the technology we are exposed to and have accessible at the touch of our fingertips it can be easy to get distracted, to be satisfied with just hearing or seeing. Sometimes we forget the importance of taking action, because let’s face it, it can be hard to know what to do. Who to listen to? Which advice is the so-called “right” option to follow?

I encourage you to just start doing. Start doing anything in the direction of what feels right at the moment. Continue to learn and educate yourself. Come from a place of love. What is right for you will actually feel right or strike you inside when you hear it. Trust yourself. And remember there is no failing as long as you are learning and implementing. Stop analyzing. Have the courage to do what’s right. Be kind to yourself. But ultimately, just breathe and be. That to me is all part of the journey of the Superhero.

I was privileged to be at Superhero You this past weekend and heard some really amazing speakers including: Peter Diamandis, Don Miguel Ruiz, Daniel and Tana Amen, Jim Kwik, Kevin Pearce, the Olympic hopeful snowboarder, and Immaculée Ilibagiza writer of Left to Tell.

I was inspired today in so many ways and there is so much I could share with you. It all comes down to something Dr. Daniel Amen said, “Become a warrior for the health of your body, the health of your brain.” I just thought about becoming a warrior for me. That includes my impact, my health, my friends and family, my thoughts and all my choices. Everything in this life is a choice no matter our circumstances.

We all know purpose does matter. We do things when the motivation is great enough and usually when the purpose extends beyond ourselves. Health and wellness is a subject that I have been extremely passionate about for well over a decade. I am so grateful for all of the amazing examples I have met along my journey and still I continue to learn so much from them. As I am very conscious of my health, hearing Amen speak was life-changing.

I’m going to share a few of the comments that struck me the most and I hope they have an impact on you as well.

He said, “Intelligence is to know something is out there and to do something to prevent it.” This made me think of all the times we anticipate for what we think are urgent matters. We hear of a storm is coming and you see grocery stores run out of food and water. We know summer is coming and think of a getaway we can take with our family. We hear about a depression and start educating ourselves on our finances and the economy. How can we anticipate what’s ahead and what actions do we need to take to prepare ourselves?

We all know aging is a process that is inevitable and yet it can be easy to disregard it or make choices that don’t support our long-term visions. We have all made the excuse, ‘Oh, it’s the weekend’ or ‘I’m so tired’ or ‘I’m celebrating’. Whatever it is for you or whether it’s just the norm for you at this point in your life, it is time to become aware. This is an area where ignorance is not bliss. I saw tons of pictures of people’s brain scans and saw the impact of lack of sleep, drinking more than one alcoholic beverage a week, taking medications, sustaining multiple head injuries through sports or being overweight. And I saw what can be anticipated with certain behaviors.

What does your life mean to you? Who do you want to impact? You need to be healthy to be around and you need to be in a state of mind that can serve. Dr. Amen said, “You can give into desire for the moment or be healthy to help people in your life make better decisions because you have a strong brain.” This hit me and I realized aside from just my food choices and other practices I have to take care of my body, mind and spirit, I also have this amazing organ called a brain. It honestly is not in my thoughts every day and yet has the power to make all the decisions in my life and control my character and the quality of my life. I feel like I found this new purpose and appreciation for my brain and for myself. A new sense of gratitude overcame me as well as learning what is necessary for overall brain health.

Great health is ultimately about the freedom to live a long life full of passion and vibrancy.

I encourage you to change your mindset from ‘I’m depriving myself’ to ‘I have to stop poisoning myself’. The human race doesn’t like change. It is easy to stay with what we know, but what we know may be killing us. So I hope you will join me and continue to become more of who you really are.

Know that this too shall pass. And when you tap into a greater purpose you will really get over the change of habits and never look back. You will feel clear, inspired, grateful, excited, proud and so much more.

If you have any pain in your life or doubt your ability to make a change, say the following to yourself:

“As long as I can breathe and have a soul there is still hope.” Immaculée Ilibagiza

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One Response to Are You A Warrior?

  1. I was struck by the quote, “The human race doesn’t like change. It is easy to stay with what we know, but what we know may be killing us.” In my work with high school students in New York City,I am committed to helping then to change in a way that supports more ease, harmony and peace of mind. At that age they are quick to consider alternatives. I often wonder why there is such resistance from the administration. I suppose they don’t want to consider change. And onward we go!

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