You Are An Irreplaceable Trophy

I’m very excited to be here at my friend, Jim Kwik’s, Superhero You event, this weekend in San Diego. I have heard some wonderful speakers so far and had the honor of meeting Glenn Morshower tonight. He is one of my favorite actors from the TV show 24 and I didn’t know that he was also a public speaker with a wonderful message. I was really struck by a few of the comments he mentioned today and I want to share them with you.

He spoke about the importance of spontaneity and having a sense of humor in all things. As he said, boring people are boring to be around. He credits his sense of humor and willingness to play like a kid to much of his acting success. He left us with an invitation to try and think of something to do that not only we have never done, but that has never been done before. This made me realize that there is a lot of improvement I can make in this area and really bring a lot more fun into my every day life. I really look forward to bringing a new level of curiosity and excitement into my world.

He also shared that we all come into this world as a winner. Out of the millions of sperm that are released, you found your way here. That means you have a purpose and are also irreplaceable. An ‘irreplaceable trophy’ as he called it. He gave the analogy of how we treat our car. Would you put water into your gas tank and expect it to run? No, of course not. Why? Because we want to take care of our material items that are important to us and that we expect to run efficiently. That makes sense, right? It’s interesting that we feel this sense of pride and responsibility for a replaceable item.

What about our own bodies? Here we have one of the most precious and irreplaceable items and yet we often treat it poorly. Whether that’s through diet, our limiting thoughts or not living into our potential. All of the things I have done to my body that didn’t serve came running through my head as I listened to him. It hit me on a deeper level of just knowing that we only get one body and, you may say, one chance at this life.

We really are so precious and lucky. We all have a purpose and our job is to keep seeking that out and becoming more than we ever thought possible.

I extend the same invitation to you that Glenn gave to me, do something fun that you have never done before and that may never have been done by anyone else before. Let me know what you come up with in the comment section below.

Have a beautiful weekend! Continue to enjoy this never-ending adventure of becoming a New You while smiling along your journey.



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