Creative with a Strong Belief!

I love this video because it reminds us that we are all creative. We are able to play, imagine and believe when we are children…and anything can happen…or at least we believe it can. Ever jump off your bed and get excited you could fly? Or believe you were someone else just by playing dress-up? As we grow up, it seems we reach this age where creativity is no longer acceptable. I’m not sure exactly what age this happens, but it seems to be around the time we enter school. We are told imaginary friends are not real, we are told to color within the lines, and play-time starts becoming more structured. Adults start telling us what is realistic and appropriate and we get into trouble if we don’t listen. With this, unfortunately, the cycle of doubt begins. It is only natural that over time we question what is possible and our own capabilities.

Luckily, as an adult we can now question all that we were told and get back to believing our creativity can inspire a new reality!

This video hit me when it showed someone having an idea and not moving forward because of doubts and fear and then years later someone else had gone ahead with that idea. I know that has happened to me before. While I believe no idea is really just ours, I use this to my advantage. I find this thought inspiring because you have support, there are other people out there with similar ideas to collaborate with. And, yes, that means someone else can also make it happen, so it’s important if you are inspired to keep moving!

Trust once you get tapped into something, you CAN create it. I remember my dad telling me when I was young, “You will never have an idea that you can’t make happen.” You just won’t be on that frequency and get tuned into something out of your element. And remember, there are always resources out there. I love that Richard Branson started Virgin Galactic. It’s not like he had any idea how to build a spaceship…so no idea is too big!

I encourage you to play and get excited about your ideas, knowing full well that they CAN become a reality.

What can you do today to be kid-like and bring back or nurture that creative side of you?? Here’s a hint, it’s supposed to be spontaneous and fun! I know for me sometimes it’s going on a swing set and seeing how high I can go, laughing and playing in the sand.

Love to hear what fun you come up with…



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  1. Joel says:

    Great video. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing it.

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