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I’ve been on the go so much lately. One of the joys of working for myself (besides the fact that it doesn’t feel like work!) is that I have the freedom to travel. I feel so blessed that I have a network of friends and resources all around the country. Nothing fills me up more than connecting with people I care about, while learning and growing at the same time.

Just recently I flew from New York to San Diego for my friend’s Superhero You event, then to San Francisco for Peter Diamandis’ Singularity University course, and now I’m in Los Angeles for a few days for a Sheila Kelley S Factor event and to celebrate my 30th Birthday.

With lots going on, it’s important that I keep up with my schedule and practice my daily health habits. Sure, it’s easy when I’m home and I’ve got my own fridge, my own bed, my gym and my great city. I can have my favorite juice and have access to anything I need to keep me feeling great. When I’m on the road, it’s not always as easy. Airports and hotels don’t necessarily cater to people who are trying to maintain optimum health. But I’ve found a way to get what I need without sacrificing my health priorities.

Want to know what it is? It’s really simple. I just ask. That’s it! I just ask for what I want! There is always a way to support your health goals even when traveling.

Before I book a hotel, I do my online research. Does the hotel have a gym? Is it close to a park? Are there any juice bars or vegan restaurants nearby? Can I at least get to whole foods or health store and get some essentials? How easy is it to get around? If I can’t find everything that I’m looking for online, I call the hotel and just ask. I also ask if each room has a mini-fridge and if not, how can you get one? (Many hotels will let you have one for no charge if it’s a health requirement for you.)

Now, room service can get tricky. Usually there are only a few “healthy” options or salads on the menu, but really, they’re not that healthy when they’re covered with cheese or ranch dressing. I’ve been known to call room service and ask specifically for what I want. If it’s not on the menu, it doesn’t mean they won’t make it for you…if you ask nicely. My last night in San Francisco I ordered an avocado with olive oil on the side and a side of steamed spinach. It was a perfect option and so good. Another thing I often order is a smoothie. I ask if they have a blender and they obviously always say yes. I ask for avocado, cucumber, celery and spinach mixed with water. This is also a great way to start your day, have a mid-day snack or a quick dinner.

If you’re staying with family or friends, ask if you can go to the store and buy some supplies you may need. My friends don’t mind if I take up a few square inches of their fridge space. This way, I have what I want without imposing on their meal plans. I can support myself and not sacrifice my eating habits to fit into their lifestyle. I also find they usually end up loving my food.

~ recommended ~

If I know I’ll be busy during the day with activities, I will get up a little earlier so I can meditate, journal or take a quick run. And if there’s no juice bar nearby or I’m in a rush, I always leave just a few minutes for making a quick shake in my blender bottle. It’s the best! I use some Sun Warrior ormus green powder and Rockin’ Wellness. Doing this gets me centered, feeling full and is crucial to my wellbeing. It really enables me to have more energy and love to share. And starting your day off healthy helps you make smarter choices throughout the day.

Depending on what type of travel you’re doing – fun, professional, educational – you may not always be in control of your time (or your space), but you can control your resources if you plan ahead. Before any trip, I think about where I’m going, how I’m getting there, the time involved and how I can best support myself the whole time. Below is an excerpt from my new Book: Be Healthy Now: Five Simple Steps to Ultimate Health to show you a little trick I use at the airports along with some of my favorite travel snacks:

When you’re traveling, don’t be shy to go up to a deli counter at the airport and ask to buy a whole avocado or tomato. They may look at you funny, but a sale is a sale and most places will accommodate.

My Favorite Travel Snacks

• Nuts/Nut Butter
• Raw Chocolate
• Hemp Seeds
• Cucumbers
• Red Peppers
• Tomatoes
• Avocadoes
• Himalayan Sea Salt (to sprinkle on my veggies)
• Green Powder (to mix with water)

One final note, if you are in a situation that you feel is not supporting you (you’re right under an air-conditioning vent at a restaurant, you get carsick in the backseat, your salad shows up with a glob of thousand island), just ask – to move to a different table, to sit in the front seat, for dressing on the side. You are the only one who can speak up for what you truly need to be your best you!

I love hearing your feedback and being able to customize these blogs to your questions! So please keep me messaging me or post some comments or questions below!

To continuing to enjoy this never-ending adventure of becoming a New You



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One Response to Travel Made Easy: Just Ask!

  1. André says:

    You are right Laurin!
    We just need research about things that we want before travel .
    And make the necessary to get this. Health in first place!
    Love, André

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