Thoughts and Meditation

Whether you’re using your thoughts to consciously manifest something, create a strategy with a higher purpose and outcome or to fill your mind with inspirational and educational material…the mind is an amazing thing. The even more amazing – and yet sometimes surprising - thing is that the more we fill the mind, the more energy you have access to.

Sitting, meditating and getting stressed or frustrated that you’re having thoughts and can’t silence the mind is a never-ending battle, and not the point of meditation. I often hear I’m learning how to silence the ego, or let go of my ego or I’ll know I can meditate “perfectly” when my mind shuts off. This is not the desired outcome of meditation or having quiet time for yourself. The ego is not a bad thing. It just has its limits, and forgets the fact that you are connected to your soul and the infinite in addition to the ego. I get asked questions all the time related to this matter. I used to try and think a lot about what meditation was and if I was doing it right, or having a similar experience to the other people in the room…

Truly, it’s a total gift to be aware and witness your thoughts regardless of when or how they enter. No need to judge the thought, yourself or start looping. Many people judge the ego and their thoughts during the meditation process. If  something you want to remember or a moment of inspiration comes to mind, grab your journal jot it down and continue. I recently had a client call after a mediation and say, ‘I had some thoughts arise today. The first one was an awesome download and something I wanted to remember, then I had two totally negative thoughts and found myself blaming and judging someone else so I stopped the quiet time.’ She asked me how to reset so she could try for a solid session the following today. I found this comment super interesting and not unlike something I’ve also experienced. I’ve found a helpful intention/outcome is to just be with whatever comes, not to have a perfectly executed quiet time where you expect yourself to be super human.

It’s really about finding what serves you best and creating your own experience. There are no rules. There are some helpful guidelines…that’s all. If a thought upsets you just breathe and be with it. Meditation is a practice of cultivating more awareness for you and that looks different for everyone. It’s helpful not to compare yourself to what you think other people are thinking/not thinking and feeling or having some deep experience that you’re not having.

Before going into your practice ask yourself: What is my intention for today? Or for the next 5-10 or 30 minutes? How do I want to feel at the end of this time I’m setting aside? Start with the end in mind and use that to guide you. So if you start getting upset or not feeling good enough, be kind to yourself. Remember how you want to feel at the end and course correct.

The more relaxed and present you can be with all kinds of thoughts the more flexible you will be in life. There is no scarcity in the universe and thoughts are just out there for us to grab onto. Choose to have the highest energy you can in each moment so you can grab onto more useful thoughts and experiences. And remember the thoughts are not your thoughts anyways so might as well just relax, enjoy and observe them :)

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xo ~ Laurin

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