Happiness is a choice. While life may not always be sunshine and rainbows, and we all have challenging times when we’re growing, you can still choose to bring a happy, excited, passionate and radiant quality to whatever it is you’re currently doing or going through. There is always more on the other side, and choosing to use your emotional energy in the direction you want to go can serve your goals and your body.

What does communication mean to you? Today, I’ll be asking more questions than usual and I invite you to take some time and answer them for you if you feel called. You may want to share with someone too. I was asked in a yoga class recently how do I show trust/distrust in my communication. That can be whatever it means to us.

I found it really valuable to learn and express my strategies for both trust and distrust. How did I show this in my body language, moving toward or away from myself or someone else? How did I feel worthy and show respect for myself, or a lack of worthiness and respect? We can do this in our thoughts, actions, body language and in relationship to others.

I realized this was something that could really help create more intimacy with an even deeper connection and self-awareness. I know now there’s a way, that I’m attuned to, when I use my body because I’m avoiding feeling something and that through this no matter what I say I’m not communicating my highest truth. Sometimes I can use this as a guide to feel more and express myself. When we’re willing to open and to hearing what may seem inconvenient at times (and yet divinely perfect in its guidance for a new level of being) our life will always expand into more greatness and more self-expression.

Whenever we communicate from hesitation, or fear of feeling less than, that’s also creating distrust and not honoring our higher selves. There’s no reason to make any version of you that shows up wrong or bad. We’re all human and have areas to grow for the rest of our lives. And, when communicating it’s optimal to choose how you express yourself most authentically and lovingly and with an outcome on your truth.

Here are questions to think about today:
Can you remember a time when you were connected and spoke your truth or got an internal knowing?
if so, go back to that time for a moment now and remember, what did you do with your body? What did you say? How did you feel afterwards?
Our intuition is super powerful. In fact, the unconscious is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious minds so let’s use this to our advantage.

Can you remember a time when you didn’t speak your whole truth to yourself or with someone else?
Did you hold back? Rationalize a knowing out of fear or to make it more convenient so you could get your way?
What had to happen for you to do that? How did you move your body? What internal dialogue did you have with yourself before, during and after the exchange?

xo ~Laurin Seiden 

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