I spoke to two women this morning both with the same concern. They’ve been having a tendency to move inwards and feel really isolated and lonely lately. I’ve been seeing this come up quite a lot recently. Whether it’s the feeling life should be somewhere it’s not, coming out of a relationship or reflecting on what’s really next for you in life and in business, these questions cause us to feel separate. Separate from our flow, separate from the place where we can tap into resourceful energy and separate from where we can make our dreams come true.

What helps us to create a shift really comes down to Value. The value you are placing on yourself. You being in a place where you remember, and have an awareness of your greatness. That place where you shine. Placing others on a pedestal, or feeling victimized leads to loneliness and an inability to take action effectively. Where has your value on yourself been misplaced? Where have you been giving others power while devaluing yourself? Where have you not been taking care of yourself?

Here’s a simple three-step process I follow:
1. Make a list of the people and situations you are tolerating that aren’t serving you or you may be becoming resentful of.
2. Write down who you need to have conversations with. Who you may need to write a letter to (whether you send it or not). Get Clear on what needs to be said and have the discussion. One exchange may also be to yourself.
3. Fill yourself up. Stack what you’re grateful for. Stack the qualities you love about yourself. Stack how you love showing up for others. If you’ve been neglecting an area of your health or spiritual practice re-engage with it or create some new habits. If you’ve been trying to control something, where can you surrender and soften? Where can you listen and love more?

I said to a client this morning, it’s not that you need to be upset you’re in this place. There are so many gifts in the sadness and the indulging at times in a closed moment that you take for yourself. We tend to need to take more of that time when we haven’t been focused on self-care and giving our gifts. So it’s your choice how long you stay there. You’ve had your time and you can now choose to remember all your value and people that love you and join the party or you can choose to feel lonely. Once you have the awareness, the ball’s in your court.

When we get sick or need down time we haven’t been consistently nourishing and nurturing ourselves. When you have a daily practice to support yourself and know how to speak your truth to yourself and others your immune system and value will exponentially rise.

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~xo Laurin

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