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Q and A Time! Thank you for those of you that have messaged me questions, I’m so grateful. I’ve filmed a handful of these videos answering your questions and will be doing more so keep them coming if you have anything. And, I think the advice offered in this video is applicable to you across many different situations. <3

I got asked a question about how to tell her boyfriend she was pregnant because there is a possibility that he won’t be as happy or supportive as she is about the pregnancy. She’s been living in a state of fear because she is so worried about her boyfriend’s and family’s reactions, that she has lost sight of her own truth- which is that she is overwhelmingly happy to bring this new life into the world. Regardless of how others accept the news, she is in a place of love, joy and gratitude for the pregnancy.

When you are in a place of total trust, you won’t be looking to others for approval. First, get into a place of trusting your timing and trusting your truth. Writing down all the benefits and drawbacks to both situations, so you can make a clear decision. I’m not a big pro/con list type of person but using the clarity from the benefits helps me to be in a state of gratitude. And looking at the drawbacks is a realistic thing to do not as a con, but so that you can communicate your truth effectively to others and not be blindsided later. You won’t know all of them on either side at this point but having some will help you make a real decision.

Amazing things and challenges are going to come out of whatever decisions you make so it’s being real with that and making the decision at this time you feel best with, and that’s most in integrity with your truth and desires.

In order to communicate effectively with others staying focused in your decision and in a place of love you will receive an outcome far grater than acceptance from others, you will have peace and acceptance from yourself. You will have pride in yourself and get the growth necessary to either create a beautiful relationship and go deeper with your boyfriend in this case, or move on with a beautiful new being you have the privilege of brining into the world. Staying unattached to their outcomes, and instead be clear for yourself. Trust you will get the support you need even if you don’t know where it’s coming from.

Get a piece of paper and write out all the things you are terrified of- go deep, get at least 20. Now, list the worst-case scenario. What would really happen if these things came true? What would your life look like? What are you really scared of?

Now, think of everything good that would come from the “ worst” scenarios, write down what opportunities will come your way, will someone show up to support you? What feelings you will get to experience? What will you be grateful for? How you will grow from these things happening in your life? Dig deep, journal and take some deep breaths. Pushing yourself to answer here makes the situations much easier when they present themselves so you can stay grounded and open trusting what’s to come. Can you remember a time in the past when you felt challenged? Felt like you wouldn’t have support? Or were attached to someone specific being there? Who showed up for you? Did you have support from somewhere? (We always do! It’s just about training ourselves to see it quickly and even in advance of feeling less than or victimized.)

~xo Laurin

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