An Opportunity For You

    IMG_0371   This is NOT a political post. Here’s what I think about the election and how to use it as an opportunity for yourself versus getting sucked into the content of the politics:

I haven’t spoken out about politics before, but to me this is bigger than politics; this is about human behavior and what’s going to allow each of us to really have the impact we want to have. And that’s honoring yourself. All the parts of yourself. Going through the processes where there’s judgment, pain, disappointment, fear, anger. Coming out neutral and loving and being the best version of you for yourself, your family, and those around you.

The candidates are irrelevant to the awareness you can have about yourself throughout this process. It’s about each of us as individuals stepping up and finding our voice in whatever area is most inspired and aligned for you. That’s how you can contribute the most.

Trust in our country, and what’s meant to happen, will.

The best question in the second debate was, “Can you name one positive thing you respect in one another?” This question shows that there are always things we can find that we love and respect about one another as humans. When we come together, we realize we are all connected and all loving beings. Once you ask yourself, “What can I love or respect about this other person?” then you have free choice to make your own decisions, whether that’s staying in a relationship with them, choosing to vote for them, choosing to stay friends with them, or choosing to do business with them.

More points of unity and community are needed and it doesn’t just need to include politics or what side you’re on. Remember, the more polarized you are in your life, the more adrenaline and stress hormones you release, affecting yourself more than anyone else. It’s like the Buddha quote about when you are “grasping a hot coal with the intent of harming another; you end up getting burned.”

This is an amazing gift for you to see your own patterns. What are your reactions under stress? I’m not saying I agree at all with either side of this campaign, but the least wise thing I can do for myself and those around me is to not hold onto too much fire for others without realizing I too have been inappropriate. It may not be the same circumstances, but we’ve all been there. This doesn’t make Trump right or a good example to our children. But it is an equally amazing example to have a warning and teach them consequences for actions, interpersonal skills, and how to effectively lead and make a difference from love instead of fear.

There are pros and cons to everything, so it’s best to see both sides and teach your children and those around you what’s most respectful of themselves and others so they can be empowered, open, loving, and not in fear.

Happiness and personal fulfillment is built in times like these. In times of challenge, disappointment, frustration, and total outrage. How will you handle yourself in those times? What strategies do you need to have even more self-awareness, grace, trust, and love? I know for me, it’s meditation, a yoga practice, breath, and noticing when I’m off. I have a handful of strategies I can do in a moment so the thought either passes by during a meditation or thinking time, or gets addressed, felt, and transcended. This is what this election is really about for me.

You may have heard the saying, “There’s your business, their business and God’s business.” Whatever your beliefs are, you do you. Let Trump worry about his business and Clinton worry about hers. That’s not my business right now. Keep setting your intention for the best outcome. We don’t know exactly what’s needed for our government right now; we just have ideas. So let’s keep putting higher energy into that solution and trust. I’m not saying don’t vote or don’t speak out, but it’s best to keep your emotions out of it for your sake. We all, I’m sure, have experiences of getting a lot more done from a place of love and being connected then from rage-filled outbursts.

This post was not meant as a forum to bash either candidate or share your political views. Questions or comments about how you are going to use this experience of the election for self-growth and self-awareness are welcome.

~xo Laurin

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