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Laurin SeidenLaurin Seiden is the Founder and Principle of New You Development. After many years of discovery and searching for personal guidance and resources, her goal is to create the ultimate resource for you. New You Development was born as a way for Laurin to share her knowledge, and help guide her clients, and now you, towards true happiness and fulfillment. Laurin has always believed anything is possible; and here, she will share with you how you too can create your own path of possibility. Known as a “lifestyle designer,” Laurin has discovered that who we ultimately become and who we can in-turn positively affect, is our own choice. One in which we are all capable of achieving.

In her early 20s, with a degree in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics, Laurin moved to Miami Beach where she and a partner started their own real estate development company, City Center Investments. In a matter of 2 years, Laurin raised $3 million in private equity, supervised over 67 units of property and managed $15 million in construction loans. While she was on a path towards “success”, she was constantly living in a state of stress. On the outside, she had it all and by society’s standards and should have been content, but there was a nagging feeling that she could not ignore…something was missing.

Realizing her personal wellness was at stake, Laurin made a decision to change the direction of her life. Unknowing of what the new path was, she still decided to explore. She closed the door on her business and spent the next few years traveling the world, learning from cutting-edge experts in their fields and training at the top programs in the personal development industry. Really just searching for personal fulfillment and a way to contribute, a new path was born.

Soon, Laurin was starting to get called on by her peers for personal coaching and advice on everything, including wealth building and business advice, relationship perspectives, leadership and communication skills and health information. Because of her high energy and fresh perspective, the demand for her services grew, and what began as a hobby, quickly evolved into a new venture.

Laurin believes, “The key component to creating a life that you love is to learn as much as you can about whatever interests you and then trust yourself enough to choose what works – and what doesn’t.”

There is freedom in living a life on your own terms, and Laurin’s passion is to share that philosophy with people around the world. From the man sitting next to her on a recent flight, who was having trouble with his family, to a CEO, to corporate employee or those who are self-employed, to the stay-at-home mom. Laurin engages everyone she meets. She especially appeals to young women who want to add meaning to their life and are looking for a mentor to show them what is possible.

Through coaching, speaking and private consulting, Laurin continues to help people reach their goals in all areas of life. Her new website,, will be a premier resource featuring Laurin’s strategies as well as interviews and insights from recognized leaders she knows and admires.

Laurin is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute and a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. She currently lives in Manhattan, New York and Aventura, FL.

Laurin’s Mentors

Laurin Seiden's Mentors

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