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Explore many things. You may have heard the phrase if we’re not growing we’re dying. Just like a plant needs to be watered and a child nurtured in their desire for exploration, we too need to consistently experience awe and newness to feel fully alive. Whether you’re driven to explore the world, your body, your desires, your needs in communication, intimacy, self-care…go on a journey to know yourself. When we engage with something outside of our comfort zone we have something new and create a new level of intimacy we can really share with another.

This weekend I’m attending an event on sensuality and sexuality exploration and it’s really outside my normal setting. And, I couldn’t me more grateful to be learning, diving in and opening my heart and body to a new level of intimacy. I invite you do to try something new or a little crazy this weekend, and as much as possible in your life. By continuing to stretch those boundaries you’ll constantly be growing and have so much to share with others.

Here’s some examples for the weekend :) Do something unexpected, try a new dining experience, surprise your man or go out somewhere new with a girlfriend, say yes to an event, some new lingerie, a new destination…EXPLORE! Enjoy the adventure and let go of any expectations of how it should be.

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xo ~

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Today’s topic is a little bit similar to yesterday’s blog on habits, the difference is that a standard is more about what you are willing to accept versus what you are currently doing regularly. If you’re doing something (i.e.. your habits) you no longer want to be willing to accept and don’t want to do long-term, you haven’t set a standard in this area. Standards can and do need to be set among all areas of your life if you want to consciously create a fulfilling life.

This doesn’t mean snobbishly expecting things from others or focusing outside of what’s in your control. This to me, means personally setting a standard of how you behave, respond to situations and loved ones. Set a standard of being flexible, loving and open even through challenging times or discussions. It’s also creating a habit and standard around choosing to fill yourself up and not spreading yourself too thin. Habits help to create the necessary steps so this new way of being turns into a consistent reality.

One of the ways I change my habits is writing down something that I want to create a standard around. Then I write down all the things I have currently been saying yes to that I now need to say no to (at least some of the time). Let’s say you want a relationship and your habits haven’t been showing the level of commitment you desire. You would write down some qualities you want present in that relationship. Then, you’d write down at least 5 behaviors that you need to say no to, or at least re-define. If you have any questions about this post an example below or send me a message and I’m happy to share more and help you get yours dialed in :)

When the standard is set with enough energy, the healthier habits become much easier to adapt. Be clear what’s important to you and who you need to be to have the life you want. The business, financial, physical, spiritual, mental, family and intimate life you really desire. This is about being the best and most amazing version of yourself. As you reach a new level and that becomes your go-to rather than an old habit, it’s time for an upgrade. This is a moving target that needs lots of self-love and patience. Never compare yourself to anyone but the next level version of yourself you can be.

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Today’s key for self-love and creating more intimacy for yourself and with a partner is focusing on habits. Our daily habits contribute to how we show up in the world and how we show up for ourselves. Sometimes we want something to be a certain way but we’re in the habit of the exact opposite, so we’re not creating what we want. You may want to have more free time or more time focused on what you really want, yet you still say yes to everyone else’s requests way too often, or you may want to lose weight yet you can’t seem to healthfully. There’s a long list of these that we’ve all been guilty of. And it’s not that they’re bad, but you deserve to have the live you want and habits need to demonstrate the result you desire.

Here are the areas I’ve found most important to consciously create habits for myself:

  • Self-care
  • Gratitude
  • Your “being” list
  • Physical movement
  • Goals

Habits are what run our life, so cultivate the best ones you can. Constantly focus on upgrading this area of your life. It takes devotion, commitment and serving something beyond yourself as the greater outcome.

We become addicted to our habits and they unconsciously start taking control. Make sure you consciously choose and question the habits that are not serving you. Here are two questions that I like to ask myself:

  • Will your future self thank you for this habit?
  • Is this habit helping to create the intimacy you truly desire?

If the answers are no, it’s time to choose something else that will make you answer YES!

You won’t replace an old habit until you come up with something more compelling that meets the same need that the old habit met. So rather than focusing on keep trying to get rid of the old pattern, start focusing on what new habit would get you where you want to go and feel really good even if it’s difficult to get going.


For me, going to the gym consistently, or getting to yoga class used to feel hard. Then in college I started going with friends, later I started planning something I was looking forward to and going before that. When I lived in FL, I could watch the gorgeous sunsets from the gym so I’d go at that time. I love a late night yoga class and it helps me feel rested for a great nights sleep. Find something that works for you.

Plan ahead and schedule these into your calendar. I plan at least a week at a time all of my workouts, self-care routines, gratitude lists, put my affirmations and my soul style in my iPhone in picture form and focus each day on goals in one of the 7 areas of life. Also leave some room in your calendar each day for something to come up. I can always move something if I need to but if a workout is scheduled it will happen!

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10 Feb

Let your inner child-like curious, fun, flexible nature shine!

Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself today and everyday. As we get older, it can be easy to stiffen up a bit and put play off to the side for more pressing priorities. I’m not talking about being play by putting off your responsibilities. I’m talking about incorporating your style into the way you work, move and share time with yourself and loved ones. The more you incorporate play and ease into your life the stronger your intimate relationship and other areas of your life will be. You’ll find yourself having an easier time being flexible, not taking things so seriously and being able to respond more efficiently and come up with solutions faster and more effortlessly then when you’re stressed and reacting.

When you find yourself being too serious, stressed or full of tension put on some music and dance, play with your kids or girlfriends, or find something to explore. Being playful and having fun is under-rated in the ability it has to upgrade the quality of your life.

Go spark some joy today and light some people up!

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xo ~

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Some of the Ways I Learned to Implement Loving Myself Over the Past 10 Years

Since it’s February, one of my favorite winter months, and a month where intimacy and relationships take some more notice and appreciation (although we can do that all-year round), I’m going to share some tips for each key that have helped me in my personal life. I’d love to hear your stories, shares and answer any questions! :)

I’ve found the most important thing to having a fulfilling relationship is being able to have a fulfilling relationship with yourself, first. One with respect, self-esteem, communication, boundaries and play. Knowing what fills you up, what gets you down. What your needs are throughout all of it and more importantly, how to communicate them. This is definitely a journey of self-discovery, practice, patience and compassion. We are all human and totally mess this up at times but how fast you recover and express yourself gets better each time. It’s choosing to commit to the assignment of having a standard in this area. Having an awareness of yourself and calling yourself out when you’re off.

So in the spirit of love month let’s totally honor each of us and the community that exists for you, your relationship, in your inner circle, city, Facebook and beyond!

#1 Support. What do you do to really feel supported? How do you feel abundant from within regardless of your circumstances?

I’ve found creating strategies and committing to follow through on them when I’m feeling a lack of or less resourceful than my capability is a must for self-care and love. There’s no reason to go down the rabbit hole. You always have a choice.

Here are The Top 3 Ways I Do This

1. Gratitude
Stacking what I do know and love about myself and those around me. What are gifts you love to give? What can light someone up right now? What’s amazing about your surrounding, a memory or nature?

2. Move
Go outside and take a quick walk or run, hike, go to a dance or yoga class. Stand in the sun and do some deep breathing and gratitude connections.

3. Breathe and Connect to Something Greater Than Yourself
Feel inspired in some way. You can read a book, listen to an audio, connect to nature. When I’m feeling challenged I close my eyes and go to that moment and think, “who is simultaneously supporting me?” There is always someone whether they are physically near you, speaking to you, or not. Just use that intuitive answer, breathe, and feel the gratitude and divine flow through you.

Happy Wednesday! Xx Laurin

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