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10 Feb

Let your inner child-like curious, fun, flexible nature shine!

Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself today and everyday. As we get older, it can be easy to stiffen up a bit and put play off to the side for more pressing priorities. I’m not talking about being play by putting off your responsibilities. I’m talking about incorporating your style into the way you work, move and share time with yourself and loved ones. The more you incorporate play and ease into your life the stronger your intimate relationship and other areas of your life will be. You’ll find yourself having an easier time being flexible, not taking things so seriously and being able to respond more efficiently and come up with solutions faster and more effortlessly then when you’re stressed and reacting.

When you find yourself being too serious, stressed or full of tension put on some music and dance, play with your kids or girlfriends, or find something to explore. Being playful and having fun is under-rated in the ability it has to upgrade the quality of your life.

Go spark some joy today and light some people up!

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xo ~

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Some of the Ways I Learned to Implement Loving Myself Over the Past 10 Years

Since it’s February, one of my favorite winter months, and a month where intimacy and relationships take some more notice and appreciation (although we can do that all-year round), I’m going to share some tips for each key that have helped me in my personal life. I’d love to hear your stories, shares and answer any questions! :)

I’ve found the most important thing to having a fulfilling relationship is being able to have a fulfilling relationship with yourself, first. One with respect, self-esteem, communication, boundaries and play. Knowing what fills you up, what gets you down. What your needs are throughout all of it and more importantly, how to communicate them. This is definitely a journey of self-discovery, practice, patience and compassion. We are all human and totally mess this up at times but how fast you recover and express yourself gets better each time. It’s choosing to commit to the assignment of having a standard in this area. Having an awareness of yourself and calling yourself out when you’re off.

So in the spirit of love month let’s totally honor each of us and the community that exists for you, your relationship, in your inner circle, city, Facebook and beyond!

#1 Support. What do you do to really feel supported? How do you feel abundant from within regardless of your circumstances?

I’ve found creating strategies and committing to follow through on them when I’m feeling a lack of or less resourceful than my capability is a must for self-care and love. There’s no reason to go down the rabbit hole. You always have a choice.

Here are The Top 3 Ways I Do This

1. Gratitude
Stacking what I do know and love about myself and those around me. What are gifts you love to give? What can light someone up right now? What’s amazing about your surrounding, a memory or nature?

2. Move
Go outside and take a quick walk or run, hike, go to a dance or yoga class. Stand in the sun and do some deep breathing and gratitude connections.

3. Breathe and Connect to Something Greater Than Yourself
Feel inspired in some way. You can read a book, listen to an audio, connect to nature. When I’m feeling challenged I close my eyes and go to that moment and think, “who is simultaneously supporting me?” There is always someone whether they are physically near you, speaking to you, or not. Just use that intuitive answer, breathe, and feel the gratitude and divine flow through you.

Happy Wednesday! Xx Laurin

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Generic Results Come From Generic Intentions

Dec 28

We’re getting close to the New Year and that time when people make New Year’s  Resolutions. It’s your time to take time to set yourself up for success this coming year and years to come. Get all your senses involved when you create your vision board AND be as specific as possible. The universe is here and wants to provide you what you want when you are aligned.

Here are my 5 steps for creating an amazing vision board:
1. Get in Alignment. Be ready and willing to accept what comes.

2. Set Your Intention. Feel into what your soul is really here for and what you are really capable of. Be specific

3. Ask for what you want. Say it aloud. Write it down. Find images consistent with your desire.

4. Check-in. Does your vision board and desires serve a higher purpose? Do they have a positive effect on others? Find a higher purpose than yourself or just losing the weight, or having a new car or house. This will help you throughout the year stay focused and not just write the same thing down next year.

5. Ask yourself positive questions. These don’t even need to be answered—they are used to generate energy. What’s possible when I have what’s here on my list? Why do I want each goal—who will this be an inspiration for? Will I be able to show myself and others what’s possible through this? Help them live into their truths more effortlessly?

xo Laurin

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Merry Christmas Thoughts


I have friends that are parents to 5, 6 and 7 year old kids, and I’ve heard a few times recently “I wonder if this is the year he/she will stop believing in Santa Claus.”

I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, so I don’t remember this being a big thing for me. Oddly, now that I’m older, I’m even more inclined to believe. Yes, I may know that a mythical man doesn’t actually have a workshop in the North Pole and slides down chimneys on Christmas Eve. However, is believing in Santa that different from believing in The Universe?

I think we can translate “naughty or nice” to: is what you’re asking for serving just yourself, or is there a higher purpose that includes others?

There is a power greater than ourselves that can seem to magically drop gifts into our laps at the most perfect time. Some, we see as gifts instantly. Others seem to be mislabeled as a big problem or challenge at first. Looking back, we usually know where the gift for our soul really was and how it served our growth. Sometimes we get a needed hug or call at the exact right moment, a ‘chance’ meeting or opportunity you didn’t think was possible. These are all gifts from the universe to guide you on your path and the more we graciously and gratefully receive them, the more often they will appear. Always acknowledge these moments for what they are and say thank you.

Here’s to teaching our children and remembering ourselves that we can still believe and manifest magic in our lives, at any age. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Xo Laurin

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Want More Energy, More Passion? A question that will change your life…

As we head into labor day weekend and the end of the summer, it’s a great opportunity to take some time out and reflect. Is it time to celebrate all that you have accomplished in the eight months of the year, or is it time to kick into high-gear and really create and hold yourself accountable to a plan for the next four months?

How do you want to feel when December 31st rolls around? And we know that will be way sooner than you think.

I have a new question that I’d like to pose to you and invite you to ask over this coming weekend and moving into the future. This question will help you enjoy the present moment even more and can help you optimize any situation for a more powerful outcome and a greater impact.

I invite you to ask some version of this question:

What is the highest possible good that will become of this? What is the highest possible outcome I can create right now? (fun, connection, health, energy, instilling a new value to my kids…)

How can I make the people in my life, anyone touched through my business or my family, the most fulfilled people on the planet today?

Is there an opportunity for a magic moment, a personal share or thank you, appreciation, an intention for quality time with friends and family, new engaging questions you can ask yourself.

The goal isn’t necessarily to come up with one single answer, the goal is to engage a new part of yourself that is capable of creating more. More passion, more aliveness, more fun, more creativity, more love, more connection, more gratitude and more grace.

Asking new questions will lead to more energy in your life which can help you create and manifest your dreams. And beyond just you-when asking how to improve the life of others, you will touch more than the person on the receiving end. The ripple effect from just asking a new question and you bringing a new you to the table is limitless.

Anytime you feel yourself down, accepting the status-quo, or are less than fully engaged think of a new version of this question that is fitting for the moment.

The life we can all live is so much greater than we could ever imagine, so let’s put our attention this weekend on stepping up the energetic level we are playing at and notice the difference in your life, business, and love life.

Happy Labor Day!


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