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Want More Energy, More Passion? A question that will change your life…

As we head into labor day weekend and the end of the summer, it’s a great opportunity to take some time out and reflect. Is it time to celebrate all that you have accomplished in the eight months of the year, or is it time to kick into high-gear and really create and hold yourself accountable to a plan for the next four months?

How do you want to feel when December 31st rolls around? And we know that will be way sooner than you think.

I have a new question that I’d like to pose to you and invite you to ask over this coming weekend and moving into the future. This question will help you enjoy the present moment even more and can help you optimize any situation for a more powerful outcome and a greater impact.

I invite you to ask some version of this question:

What is the highest possible good that will become of this? What is the highest possible outcome I can create right now? (fun, connection, health, energy, instilling a new value to my kids…)

How can I make the people in my life, anyone touched through my business or my family, the most fulfilled people on the planet today?

Is there an opportunity for a magic moment, a personal share or thank you, appreciation, an intention for quality time with friends and family, new engaging questions you can ask yourself.

The goal isn’t necessarily to come up with one single answer, the goal is to engage a new part of yourself that is capable of creating more. More passion, more aliveness, more fun, more creativity, more love, more connection, more gratitude and more grace.

Asking new questions will lead to more energy in your life which can help you create and manifest your dreams. And beyond just you-when asking how to improve the life of others, you will touch more than the person on the receiving end. The ripple effect from just asking a new question and you bringing a new you to the table is limitless.

Anytime you feel yourself down, accepting the status-quo, or are less than fully engaged think of a new version of this question that is fitting for the moment.

The life we can all live is so much greater than we could ever imagine, so let’s put our attention this weekend on stepping up the energetic level we are playing at and notice the difference in your life, business, and love life.

Happy Labor Day!


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Inviting all women to come nurture their feminine geniuses

Today, this post is geared for the ladies. However, if you’re a man you may want to keep reading and think about sending the woman in your life to join us. I guarantee she will come back to you more alive, excited and as open as ever.

I’m so blessed to be a woman at this time and one of my favorite things we do for each other is create a sisterhood–a family where we can grow, share and expand into more of who we are and can be. We need a place to unwind, share and live in our feminine while nurturing our gifts and ourselves. I have found my home at S factor with an incredible group of women who continue to help me grow. I’ve been dancing, crying, laughing, playing and am full of gratitude for the past five years for this mission and passion my friend and fearless S factor leader, Sheila Kelley, created. You can check out the link here.

As women, we are more powerful than we believe. And some of what’s holding us back from our greatness has to do with our self-doubt, fear and the relationship we have with our body.

I don’t normally promote anyone else’s “stuff” here on New You, but this is a place I designed as a way to help guide you in all aspects of your life and that includes sharing all of my personal resources along with what I’m up to.

One of my dear friends and global leader, Sheila Kelley, is hosting a wild, wonderful, world-rocking party in the California desert for every woman in the world. This is a place where we as women dive deep into what Sheila calls the 5 feminine geniuses. These are the inherent gifts we as women have, and here at S and New You we are constantly creating opportunities for you to deepen them and feel more in alignment with your highest self. The geniuses we will explore are:

1. Intuition

2. Emotionality

3. Communication

4. Sensuality

5. Movement

We have been taught that you have to be masculine to be powerful. That’s why it is so imperative to get into the body. You have to move your way into the feminine.

“Your body is a living, breathing, thinking, feeling, genius. Your body began as a pulsation of opening and closing. When you are inside of the womb you start pumping as a fetus and then when you are born your lungs start pumping. You are a pumping, breathing, living, fluid creature. As you move through life, have tension, pull your muscles; you stop the pulsation within those muscles. As we move through this world, we cringe all day, every day. We pull those muscles tight to shut down the innate feminine nature. And we stop the pulsation, the liquidity of the feminine nature.”

S is about bringing the liquidity and fluidity back to your body and life.

I’m so honored to be invited to SKL this year and would love to share it with you. This is a place where every woman of any shape and size feels supported, sexy and on fire with a magnificent and inspiring group of ladies.

You can come join us at Sheila Kelley Live 2014 this August 2 & 3 at The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa in California. You’ll experience Sheila’s transformative S Factor method, which gives women youthful, feminine power. Sheila’s method is so powerful, Oprah, Tony Robbins, and other greats have spoken about it. Check it out.

Hope to see you there!


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Feel tense? Having a stressful day?


  • Think about how you want to feel as you are going about your day-to-day goals.
  • What language are you using? Are you telling yourself what isn’t working and in complaint mode, or are you focused on solutions, breathing and appreciating what is going well?
  • What can you do to take care of yourself today. Are you staying hydrated throughout the day? Do you take the time to rejuvenate yourself by doing something that makes you feel good? Stack all the little things that make you happy throughout the day and make sure to schedule them so you add them to your daily routine.
  • Are you just busy or are you making progress? It may be time to take inventory of where you have been spending your time.

While these simple things may seem small we often forget to focus on them daily. It IS these little things that add up to BIG changes in our lifestyle and daily energy levels.


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Is protecting yourself holding you back?

In protecting ourselves, we are actually limiting our life experience and ability to feel joy, passion and deep gratitude. Shielding ourselves from feeling is really shielding us from the growth that comes from having a larger emotional range and more depth. The ability to truly learn and grow from our past only comes from confronting it fully.

Saying everything is fine, when it really isn’t okay or fine, will keep you stuck in the status quo. You can’t have more without first accepting what is no longer working.

Give yourself space to just notice when things are or aren’t working. Rather than beating yourself up— just get back on track. Each time you will notice more and more quickly and it becomes easier to sustain the progress for a longer period of time and the new norm becomes even higher than you could have imagined. This is a journey. Relax, take a deep breath and acknowledge the present and where you are. This is different from accepting where you are. The less judgement you hold onto the more effortless change becomes.

To exploring your own heights.




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Do I know enough?

Do I know Enough

I just saw an article named “Do I Know Enough to be a Grown-Up?” and I found this so interesting I wanted to elaborate. Having done my fair share of worrying over the years and helping countless people with all sorts of questions, decision making skills and life concerns, I know there are a few keys to ditching the stress and moving forward.

It’s very common to wonder if you’re doing it right or to be concerned about a new phase of life or uncertainties. If you make a decision, will you be trapped forever? Will it always be that way or can you course correct and adjust?

Change can bring up a lot of fear, doubt and questions about your own ability to make the “right” decision. One of the questions in the article was: “What if I don’t know enough to make this all happen—to be a ‘successful’ Grown-Up?”

A version of this question is present in almost everyone’s thoughts. We always seem to think at some unknown point in the future, we will know more and have enough information, but yet in the moment, we are lacking and missing some crucial keys to be able to choose our lives.

Those inner voices that we all hear calling NEED to be called out. Rather than give attention, listen to and further induce doubt, we all need to get curious. Get in there with a large flashlight, and shine some light on those thoughts. The more light we shine, the more the real fears are felt. It’s amazing when you feel, those fears just melt away. Yes, there will always be doubt, cause for concerns and questions. The ability for you to be a “functioning” adult living above the normal emotional response is directly related to your ability to process your emotions and the depth of which you are willing to feel your inner thoughts. How present are you willing to be?

The point of the mind is to think. We can’t always control what the mind will think. Doing so will only magnify your frustration and lack of control. It’s impossible to know every little detail and thought that pops in our head and sometimes they are in the opposite direction of our goal or completely self-sabotaging. What you CAN control is the direction of your focus and ultimately, the choice of which path you take: one of complaint and victim or one of commitment and contribution.

When the mind wanders, you can first just notice. Say wow, that was an interesting thought. Do I need to check in more or release something? If yes, you can look further with that flashlight. If no, just move back into the direction you want to go. A great stress reliever is to get used to just letting things be and reinforce the habit of changing your focus back to what serves.

When you allow your mind to process and wander freely, your control actually rises and there is a freedom to decide. If it’s not right, you adjust. It’s only once we are on the path that we can truly course correct. Without taking that first step, it’s always impossible to know where to move. Life is like a chess game. Without being on the board and seeing where the second person moves, how could you possibly know your second move? It makes sense there, yet this is how most people live their lives.

So, can you be a responsible grown up and make mistakes? Of course! What a silly thought, right? So ask yourself: are you making it okay to live your life without taking the leaps you could be making?

If so, what is holding you back? What really has been holding you back? Are you really held back or have you just been comfortable where you are?

Ultimately, it does come down to a choice. YOU CHOOSE. You can either choose worry, fear, anxiety, or positive anticipation, butterflies, excitement, and finding mentors with whom to step into the unknown.

The potential questions we could be asking will probably never end, but we can choose where we focus our attention. I can tell you, when you change your focus from “Do I know enough to be a grown up?” or “What’s the right decision?” to “I know everything I need to know in this moment to make a choice,” your choice will become easier to make. Any choice you make is just a choice, and at least it’s step 1, which is closer to step 2 than not choosing to jump on the board.

Here are the 5 steps to implementing a successful plan:

1. Intentions: Set an intention of what you want. Why do you want it? Who will you contribute to by getting there or reaching an outcome? What will be possible in your life?
2. Actions: What actions will get you there? Lay out a plan and start putting dates in your calendar.
3. Accountability: What will keep you on your plan? Who do you need to tell? What’s your plan for when you get off track? (Hint: we all get off track—it’s about how fast you get back on, not when you get off)
4. Course Correct: Adjust as needed to get to your outcome.
5. Celebrate: Celebrate along the way and at certain benchmarks along the way, depending how long-term each goal is.


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