Check Out What People Are Saying About NYD

Mark Victor Hansen“Invite my friend Laurin to inspire you now to vibrant, radiant, lifelong health and wellness.”

—Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul

David Wolfe“Dig into this book, take those five steps, and have the best day ever!”

—David “Avocado” Wolfe Author of Eating for Beauty, Superfoods, The Sunfood Diet, Amazing Grace

Denise Mari“As someone who’s been in the health industry for over a decade, I absolutely believe Laurin’s insights will inspire anyone to live a healthier and happier life.”

—Denise Mari, Founder of Organic Avenue

Joe Williams“Laurin is an inspired, enthusiastic, warm caring soul. She’s unbelievably talented at what she does. I strongly encourage you if you have an opportunity to work with Laurin — seize it.”

—Joe Williams, International Speaker and Trainer

Glenda Lee“As a master practitioner myself and trainer, I was absolutely blown away by her level of knowledge, but more importantly by the intuition she has about people.”

—Glenda Lee International Trainer

Richard Castellano“Laurin has a unique ability to really understand what people are saying and translate that into something that’s meaningful”

—Richard Castellano M.D. Facial Plastic Surgeon

“Laurin has truly inspired me to take action in my life. She has helped me to identify what was blocking me from accomplishing all that I knew I was capable of. When I met Laurin I was afraid to be alone, even to ride an elevator by myself. After working with Laurin I was able understand myself better and move forward with my life. I am now comfortable being alone and riding the elevator because she has helped me to see what is possible. I experience so much more in my life since working with her, and I have even enrolled in my first coaching training after seeing how effective coaching is and what a difference it has made in my life.”
—Jackie, Toronto, ON

“Laurin and New You Development have created amazing content and resources that are well-designed and simple to follow; two key elements for success. Laurin is a trusted source for matching clients with their perfect coach. As a coach, I’ve worked in both a large coaching company and privately, for myself. I know how critical it is to really jive with your coach to get the most from the coaching relationship. Laurin takes the time to get to know her clients and match their needs, with the specialities of her coaches. Laurin’s coaches are well-trained with years of experience, specializing in entrepreneurship, leadership strategies, relationships, time management, health, fitness, well-being and balance. If you want the most out of life, you have come to the right place. Let Laurin and her coaches take you to the next level of success with less stress.”
—Emily De Voto, Boulder, CO

“Laurin dives in and asks just the right questions to move you forward quickly. She has a knack for giving you quick takeaways that really work, and an incredible gift for finding the best info and the best experts. As a coach myself, I can tell you she’s the coach’s coach. I go to her for advice and I recommend if you’ve been thinking about something you want in your life that you check out her resources. Every coach she finds and recommends is an absolute ace.”
—Jennifer, New York, NY

“Getting coached by Laurin literally changed my life. She taught me that life is truly what you make it, and anything is possible with a belief in oneself and a good strategy. Laurin helped me understand so much about myself during our coaching sessions and it forever changed me for the better. I love Laurin; her dedication to her clients is second to none. I feel so grateful to call her a coach and friend.
—Charlie, Los Angeles, CA

“I am so grateful to have found New You Development. Finding a coach has been the most seamless process thanks to their full proof placement. Having a coach has saved me time and money. Therapy’s helpful, but coaching’s like rocket-fuel when you’re really ready to make a change. You’ll wonder how you ever would have found such a customized fit without them, and the results in your life will prove it.
—Amy, Encino CA

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